“New Lands”

          by Mark Oswald

          Jane Wilson, an 18-year-old student from San Diego, CA decides to change her life becoming a volunteer. What will she discover in Africa?


          “Nice day”

          by Mark Oswald

          Peter is an AI programmer who discovered a new way to predict the weather. Unfortunately, his unique invention falls into the wrong hands...


          “Dark Horse”

          by Mark Oswald

          Mocked by his peers and friends, a 21-year-old student James McMillan becomes an underground fighter to earn some money and respect.


          Who I Am

          About me

          Award-winning Book Writer

          My name is Mark Oswald and I’m the writer of several widely known fictional book series. My goal is to create a brand new world for my readers while telling a story of real people. Since the beginning of my career, I’m writing books for various audiences that are looking for original storytelling and innovative topics. Some of my most successful novels have been filmed and globally awarded.

          What Readers say


          “Mark has a unique talent for storytelling. My teenage daughter loves his recent books and I am more profound of his earlier publications. Besides, he is a good journalist and his investigative articles always tend to draw a lot of attention from all kinds of readers. I am now reading his new book Dark Horse and it is awesome!”

          Richard Wilson

          “I have been a great fan of Mark since I read his first book, Drinking at My Home. Though at the date of its publishing the book seemed to be ahead of its time, its story fully captivated me as I started to dig deeper into the plot. Now he is my favorite writer who I think deserves way more recognition.”

          Lisa Adams

          “Mr. Oswald did a great job of telling the story of three different museums of the US in one of his early books, which I am very grateful for as a teacher and a former scientist. He studied all the historical facts very deeply and thoroughly and wrote a book that is definitely worth the attention of kids and adults.”

          Mike Gordon

          My Recent Works


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